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ARTH 225: Art and Fashion from the Renaissance to the present

Finding Exhibition Catalogues

Use the subheading “exhibitions” in a Keyword Boolean search for exhibition catalogues:

rembrandt and exhibition? [truncated for singular or plural]

rembrandt and exhibition? and agnes

Book citation

How to analyze a book citation

Schneider, Jane. "Cloth and Clothing." In Handbook of Material Culture, ed. Christopher Tilley et al., 203-20. London : Sage, 2006.

The citation refers to a chapter in an edited book.

Tip: Search Omni by Title Exact to see if Queen's Library has the book handbook of material culture.  Omit initial articles (the, an, a).  Ignore punctuation and case.

Finding Books and Exhibition Catalogues

Search Omni by:
  • artist
  • artist and exhibition* (for catalogs)
  • specific artwork (in case it is named in a book table of contents or exhibition catalog)

If a book is listed as not available, click Request to get it from another library.

Search by Keyword Boolean to find books on topics or information in other formats, especially if you don't know the correct subject heading, or specific author or title.  Use Keyword Boolean operators and”, “or”, “not to combine terms, to do phrase searching or truncation of terms. 
Use AND to tell the database that ALL search terms must be present in results. Narrows your search results 

fashion AND art AND 19th (or leave a blank for AND as it is implied)

dress AND gender

Use OR between words for synonyms. Broadens your search results victorian OR 19th OR nineteenth
Use NOT to exclude terms

sculpture AND degas NOT rodin

"arts and crafts" (tip: limit to “Art Collection”)
"material culture" (limit to a library - e.g. "Stauffer" )
Use quotation marks around phrases
"art deco" AND fashion
"material culture" AND (aborigin? or indigen? or native or "first nation?")
? for single character wildcard (useful for variable spellings) wom?n for woman, women
* for truncation (multiple character wildcard). Useful for variant endings of a root word. fashion AND exhibition* AND metropolitan (exhibit* for exhibit, exhibits, exhibition, exhibitions)
brackets to group terms (nested searching)  fashion* and (19th or nineteenth or victorian) 
From your results, select useful titles and click on the Subject Headings assigned to find other books on your topic.  Examples are:
Clothing and dress -- Social aspects
Clothing and dress in art
Clothing trade -- United States
Costume -- History
Costume in art
Dresses -- Ontario -- Kingston -- Exhibitions
Dressmaking -- Great Britain -- History
Fashion -- History -- 20th century
Fashion design
Fashion in art
Men's clothing -- Exhibitions
Textile design
Textile fabrics
Women's clothing -- Great Britain -- History -- 19th century

New Acquisitions