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ARTH 225: Art and Fashion from the Renaissance to the present

Journal Citation

How to analyze a journal citation

Gordenker, Emilie E. S. “Is the History of Dress Marginal? Some Thoughts on Costume in Seventeenth-century Painting.” Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body and Culture 3, no. 2 (1999): 219-40.

The citation refers to an article in a journal.

Tip: Use the Journal Search in Omni to see if Queen's Library subscribes to the journal fashion theory.  Omit initial articles (the, an, a), if any.  Ignore punctuation and case.

Finding Journals

When you find journal article(s) you need by searching your topic in an index or database such as Art Abstracts, 1984-present (earlier Art Index Retrospective, 1929-1984) or Artbibliographies Modern, the journals may be in print, electronic or both formats.

Searching Omni by Journal Title Exact is the best way to find out our journal holdings, since not all years are covered in both form

Selected Art History and Fashion Journals

Art bulletin (print 1913-2014; online 1913-present)

Art history (print 1978-2003 ; online 1981-present)

British art journal (print 1999-present ; online 2007-1 year ago)

Canadian art (print 1984-present ; online 1993-present)

Clothing cultures (online 2015-present)

Costume : the journal of the Costume Society (online 1965 to 6 months ago)

Early popular visual culture (print 2005-07 ; online 2005-present)

Fashion and textiles (online 2014-present)

Fashion theory (online 1997-present)

History of photography (1977-2009, 2013-present ; online 1977-present)

International journal of fashion studies (online 2015-present)

Journal of aesthetics and art criticism (print 1941-2003 ; online 1941-present)

Journal of design history (online 1988-present )

Journal of material culture (online 1996-present)

Nineteenth-century art worldwide (online 2002-present)

Oxford art journal (print 1988-2013 ; online 1978-present)

Textile: the journal of cloth and culture (print 2007-2013 ; online 2003-present)

Textile history (print 1984-1992, 2008 ; online 1968-present)

Visual culture in Britain (print 2001-2010 ; online 2009-present)

Woman’s art journal (print 1980-2015 ; online 1980-present




All Queen's Journals

All Queen's Journals

Multidisciplinary Tools

The following journal article databases may prove useful for multidisciplinary research.

Academic Search Complete
Full-text, peer-reviewed journals to support scholarly research in key areas of study

A pre-selected group of 11 citation, abstract and full-text databases covering literature published in the arts. Each database can be searched separately but they also can be searched as a group, from this starting point.

Journal Storage, the Scholarly Journal Archive: full-text "backrun" of many core academic journals in the arts, humanities and social sciences, with a moving wall of 2-5 years before the current volume.

Project Muse
Full-text scholarly journals in the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, economics, etc.

Access to bibliographic information, author abstracts, and cited references from scholarly journals and conference proceedings. Includes the Social Sciences Citation Index and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index. Indexes a core collection of cultural studies journals.