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ARTH 225: Art and Fashion from the Renaissance to the present

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Get background information on the artist and the artwork. Start with Wikipedia, then an art encyclopedia, then Omni.

Oxford Art Online

Oxford Art Online offers users the ability to access the vast content of Grove Art Online, The Oxford Companion to Western Art, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, Benezit Dictionary of Artists, and The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms all in one interface.
Known as Grove Art Online, formerly in print as The Dictionary of Art (N31 .D5 1996t, 33 vols. Stauffer Library - Compact Shelving), now incorporated and updated in Oxford Art Online.
The Grove encyclopedia of decorative arts
online through Oxford Digital Reference Shelf

Fashion History Timeline

Fashion Institute of Technology's (FIT, State University of New York) is an open-access source for fashion history knowledge, featuring objects and artworks from over a hundred museums and libraries globally. Search on an artist or artwork. Example: renoir "dance at Bougival"


The Routledge history of fashion and dress, 1800 to the present. Looks at the history of fashion and dress through the lenses of both international and global history. Because fashion is also a multifaceted subject with human agency at its core, at the confluence of the material (fabrics, clothing, dyes, tools, and machines) and the immaterial (savoir-faire, identities, images, and brands), this volume adopts a transdisciplinary perspective.

100 contemporary fashion designers (Taschen)
folio TT505.A1 A147 2009 2 vols. (SL Folios - 4th floor)

Berg companion to fashion (Steele)
GT511 .B47 2010 (SL 3rd floor)

The complete costume history : from ancient times to the 19th century (Taschen)
folio GT510 .R3313 2012 2 vols. (SL Folios - 3rd floor)

A cultural history of dress and fashion (Bloomsbury)
GT511 .C85 2017 6 vols. (SL 3rd floor)

A dictionary of costume and fashion : historic and modern (Picken)
TT503 .P49 1999 (SL 4th floor)

The illustrated encyclopaedia of costume and fashion, 1550-1920 (Cassin-Scott)
GT585 .C38 1986u (SL 3rd floor)

In an influential fashion : an encyclopedia of nineteenth-and twentieth-century fashion designers and retailers who transformed dress (Kellogg)
TT505.A1 I5 2002 (SL 4th floor)

The male image : men's fashion in Britain, 1300-1970 (Byrde)
GT733 .B9 (SL 3rd floor)

What people wore when : a complete illustrated history of costume from ancient times to the nineteenth century for every level of society (Leventon)
ref GT511 .W53 2008 (SL Reference)

Why Reference Sources?

Quick and Reliable Definitions: Concise definitions and clarification of jargon and specialized terms.

Background Information: Overviews and summaries to grasp the fundamentals.

Source Credibility: Authored and reviewed by experts. They can be cited.

Keyword Identification: Identify relevant keywords and phrases for effective literature searches.

Cross-Referencing: Cross-references to related and interdisciplinary topics.