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ARTH 225: Art and Fashion from the Renaissance to the present

Art History/Fashion Websites

Europeana Collections : Fashions

Explore fashion – historical clothing and accessories, contemporary designs, catwalk photographs, drawings, sketches, plates, catalogues and videos – from more than 30 European public and private institutions. Co-financed by the European Union.

Fashion History Timeline

Fashion Institute of Technology's (FIT, State University of New York) open-access source for fashion history knowledge, featuring objects and artworks from over a hundred museums and libraries globally. Search on an artist or artwork. Example: renoir "dance at Bougival"

Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide

Refereed digital journal devoted to the study of nineteenth-century painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, architecture, and decorative arts across the globe

The Victorian Web : Literature, history and culture in the age of Victoria

Webmastered by George P. Landow, Professor of English and the History of Art, Emeritus, Brown University. Includes links to The Arts in Victorian Britain including Fashion and Dress

We Wear Culture

The stories behind what we wear, from Google Arts & Culture


Canadian Art

ACI, founded in 2012 at Massey College, University of Toronto, is a non-profit research organization that promotes the study of Canadian art history largely through commissioning a digital library of books on Canadian artists written by the country's leading art experts and published freely in the Canadian Online Art Book Project. site dedicated to raising the profile of the visual arts in Canada by maintaining a national directory of internet links to artists, art galleries and art resources by province and city
Aims to increase public awareness of the role of architecture in contemporary society and promote scholarly research in the field.
Includes link to Artefacts Canada
Concordia University Department of Art's collaborative endeavour to enhance scholarship on historical women artists in Canada.  The Artist database brings together literature about women artists who worked in Canada and who were born before 1925.
Search the CCCA Canadian Art database, housed at Concordia University. Includes First Nations and Inuit artists.
An introduction to contemporary native artists in Canada.
Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) is entrusted with the care, development, and maintenance of the Indigenous Art Collection. See featured First Nation and Métis artists, and Inuit artists.
An introduction to contemporary native artists in Canada.