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"The case method of analysis involves studying actual business situations, written as an in-depth presentation of a company, its market, and its strategic decisions, in order to improve a manager's or a student's problem-solving ability. Cases typically investigate a contemporary issue in a real-life context. There are multiple issues to consider and many 'correct' or viable alternatives to solve the case issues are presented."
(Encyclopedia of Management. (4th ed.) Detroit: Gale, 1999. (p.71))

"The term case studies can be ambiguous: it can mean specific examples from real companies or fictitious stories written to help students learn a topic." The resources mentioned in this guide provide a mix of both types of case studies.

Cases at Queen's

Cases are generally provided in class.

To find cases in our collection, search Omni by author, title, subject heading, or keyword.

Free Cases

 free cases from The Case Center
Teaching Resources Library (MIT Sloan Management)
Asian Case Research Journal (in Business Source Premier)
Case Studies in Aboriginal Business (Cape Breton University)
Journal of Case Studies (in Gale Cengage Academic File)

Buy Cases

Generally the full-text can be purchased online. May be limited to educators. 
University of Virginia. An extensive selection of educational tools.
Must register as an educator to download full-text cases, notes and articles for examination purposes.

Write Cases/Case Analysis

To find books in our collection about writing, developing and analysing cases, try searching Omni by the subject heading case method. In Business Source Premier Database 'case method' is also a subject heading. In ProQuest One Business Database try a keyword search for case method.

Case study research for business
Farquhar, Jillian Dawes.
Sage, 2012

The art & craft of case writing
(additional copies)
Naumes, William and Margaret J.
M.E. Sharpe, 2012

Case Study Reports
WriteOnline, University of Guelph


"Case Studies" is a common subject heading in the business databases below. Search for case studies as a subject, adding a topic keyword in another search box . Alternatively, under Document Type, choose Case study in combination with topic keywords.