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Demographics and Stats for Marketing

Data & Statistics via Queen's Library. Portal to local, regional, national and international statistics and datasets

Statistics Canada 

Survey of Household Spending (Statistics Canada,current)
statistics on spending habits, dwelling characteristics and household purchases by Canadians
1997-2011 historical standard tables 

Browse by Topic, Economic Trends: Metropolitan Data
U.S. Census Bureau.


Comprehensive article database includes company and industry operations and trends.
Canadian magazine and journal articles.
CARDonline - Canadian Advertising Rates & Data 
Advertising rates and related data available for TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, digital, out of home media in Canada and selected International media.
NOTE:  Queen's Library academic access does not allow the ‘media lists and reports’ functions. Also, television advertising rates are often only ‘available on request’ as pricing depends on time of day and ratings.
Covers international news and business information, including magazines and company reports.
Provides in-depth analysis on technology and telecommunications, including market data, reports and forecasts.

Market Share

Market share is defined as a brand's share of the total sales of all products within the product category in which the brand competes.
It can also be found in trade journals by searching "market share" plus your company or product in one of the databases listed below. It can be measured by comparing data at the company level or by examining sales by individual brand. Watch for figures such as the size of the market in dollars, units of sales, value of shipments or industry sales in addition to phrases such as "share of the market", rank, top, leading.
Use 'Companies/Markets' tab at the top
See 'Peer Group' at bottom of individual company information sheets for company comparisons within an industry - rank and net profit margin etc.
Annual Reports
Some Annual Reports provide the market share of a company's products. 
Companies describe their competitive environment in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings such as the 10-Ks. (Finding corporate filings.)

Associations and Organizations

Canadian advertising industry’s self-regulatory body, which administers the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.
An international federation of 31 trade bodies and organisations representing the advertising and marketing industries.
The AAAA is the national trade association representing the advertising agency business in the US.
Expertise in business-to-business marketing and communications.
Who's Who of Canadian Advertising
Links to Standards & Guidelines and Resources & Research; free registration.

Selected Key Journals

Via Journals A-Z search on the library portal

Advertising Age
HF5801.A276 (micro) from 1950- . Online from 1986-

Online from 1997-

Online from 1991-

Industrial Marketing Management
HF5415.12.E8I53 (1971-2003). Online from 1971-

Journal of Marketing
HF5415.A1J8 (1936-2009). Online from 1936-

Journal of Marketing Research (JMR)
HF5415.2.J66 (1964-2009) . Online from 1964-

Marketing Magazine
HF5415.M295t from 1961- . Online from 1996-

Sales and Marketing Management
Online from 1984-

Websites & Portals

"The Ad*Access Project, funded by the Duke Endowment "Library 2000" Fund, presents images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 - 1955."
Best Practices (American Marketing Association)
Statistics and trends in digital marketing, U.S. and Canada.