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Primary Junior Arts: Music Teacher Resources

This library guide provides Queen's teacher candidates with recommended resources for teaching music and for integrating music into primary junior classrooms.

Music in the Literacy Classroom

Single Songs as Picture Books

C1. CREATING AND PERFORMING:  Sing songs in unison and play simple accompaniments.


Picture Books that Call Out for Music

Explore Forms & Cultural Contexts

Online Picture Books

Tumble Book Library

A collection of online animated children's picture books and chapter books. You will find many titles that directly connect to music. Do a TumbleSearch (top right) - by Subject - and search for Music. Access for Queen's teacher candidates is via the access information on the Password page.

Fundamental Concept: Duration

Fundamental Concept: Dynamics

Fundamental Concept: Timbre

Grade 1: Vocal Quality

Grade 2: Classification of instruments by listening to their sound.


Teacher prompt: “Which instruments or found sounds could we use to accompany this song?” (Grade 2, p. 80, The Arts)

Reflect, Respond, Analyse

"Describe ways in which the elements of music are used for different purposes in the music they perform, listen to, and create (e.g., the tempo and dynamics of a lullaby, the beat and rhythm of a march, the sound quality of a trumpet in a fanfare)" (Grade 1, p.71, The Arts)

Teacher prompts: “Describe the colours you see or pictures you imagine as the music is playing.” “How does this music make you want to move?” (p. 71, The Arts)