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Primary Junior Arts: Music Teacher Resources

This library guide provides Queen's teacher candidates with recommended resources for teaching music and for integrating music into primary junior classrooms.

Music Resources for K to 6 Teachers

Welcome!Cover of the Ontario Arts Curriculum, 1-8.

Teachers in Ontario aim to offer a "balanced music program [of] listening and responding, performing, interpreting, and creating ... that may appeal to a wide variety of students" (p.16, The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8, The Arts).

The Queen's Education Library supports your music teaching by providing you with:

  • an alert to a 1-year free  membership in the Ontario Music Educators' Association
  • rhythm & other small musical instruments, posters, big books, puppets, and DVDs
  • student textbooks for K to 6 with accompanying teacher guides
  • children's picture books with connections to music
  • information books about music and musicians (shelved in the M section!)
  • professional magazines for PJ teachers, including current issues of The Recorder (OMEA) and the Canadian Music Educator (CMEA)
  • hundreds of professional resources for teachers of music, including lesson plans, instructional strategies, ideas for connecting literacy and music, and more
  • MusicPlay from Themes & Variations (subscription password here for Queen's Faculty of Education)
  • Ebooks for children & teachers, including Tumblebooks (subscription password here for Queen's Faculty of Education)
  • Video from (CBC), Campus (NFB), On-Core, Learn360 and more

Recommended Reading

Companion Site for This Too is Music!

companion site for Upitis This Too is Music

Why Integrate Music into Your Classroom?

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How to Integrate Music into Your Classroom

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