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Resources for Decolonizing Your Teaching

This list offers resources to support a path towards decolonizing our teaching.

Decolonizing Education

Guides for Educators

Decolonizing education book cover

Indigenous cultural services handbook (Queen's Office of Indigenous Initiatives)

Battiste, M. (2013). Decolonizing education: Nourishing the learning spirit. Saskatoon, SK: Purich Publishing.

Battiste, M. (2002). Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy in First Nations education. (A literature review with recommendations). Ottawa, ON: National Working Group on Education and the Minister of Indian Affairs.

Battiste, M., Bell, L., & Findlay, L. M. (2002). Decolonizing education in Canadian universities: An interdisciplinary, international, Indigenous research projectCanadian Journal of Native Education26(2), 82.

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Cull, I, Hancock, R. L. A., McKeown, S., Pidgeon, M., & Vedan, A. (2017). Vancouver: BC Campus. Decolonizing and Indigenizing as an unlearning and relearning process.   

Wilson, Kory (2018). Pulling together: A guide for Indigenization of post-secondary institutions. Vancouver: BC Campus.  

Terminology: Decolonizing versus Indigenizing

de Oliveira Andreotti, V., Stein, S., Ahenakew, C., & Hunt, D. (2015). Mapping interpretations of decolonization in the context of higher educationDecolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society4(1).

Hill, E. (2012). A critique of the call to" Always Indigenize!" Peninsula: A journal of relational politics2(1).  

Smith, T. (2016). Make space for Indigeneity: Decolonizing education. Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit Research Review Journal, 1(2), 49-59.

Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflection. (2003). Key terminology guidebook for reporting on Aboriginal topics.  

Key Readings

*An introductory guide for instructors.  Allan, B, Perreault, A., Chenoweth, J, et al….,(2017). Pulling together: A guide for teachers and instructors. Vancouver: BC Campus.  Sections are: Inform: locating self and practice; Include: exploring Indigenous worldviews and pedagogies; Integrate: ethical approach and relational protocols; Infuse: building an Indigenized practice.

Tuck, E., & Yang, K. W. (2012). Decolonization is not a metaphorDecolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society1(1).

Pulling together