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Research Data Management @ Queen's

Best Practices and Queen's Resources

Research data management (RDM) requires a coordinated effort. Queen's University Library provides a number of resources and services to help you. The following sections contain relevant resources, contacts, and services that can reduce some of the effort required to manage your research data during different parts of the research lifecycle:

  • Plan: Determine what data will be collected and prepare a roadmap for how data will be managed and made accessible throughout its lifetime.
  • Document and Describe: Take steps to make your data "independently understandable" for other researchers.
  • Store & Secure: Select appropriate backup and storage solutions while actively working with your data.
  • Respect, Protect & Secure: Understand your legal and ethical obligations, and secure your data accordingly.
  • Share & Reuse: Determine if your data will be shared, and under what circumstances it can be accessed and reused.
  • Preserve: Submit your data to an appropriate long-term archive.