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Gender Studies

A selective guide to resources in Gender Studies at Queen's University Library

Citation Searching in the Humanities & Social Sciences

The following resources will enable you to identify which works have cited other works and authors. When conducting a cited reference search, be aware that:

  • search results depend on the content of the database and what is indexed
  • entries in citation databases are not usually edited but reflect the form of the author's name and cited works as appeared in print
  • for some articles, only the first author may be indexed
  • citation reference searching works best for tracking citations in periodical articles and not as well for books, book chapters and other published works


Web of Science

This is the standard source for finding cited references and it includes: 
Arts & Humanities Citation Index, 1975-
Social Sciences Citation Index, 1956-
Science Citation Index, 1900-
To search:
Under Basic Search choose Cited Reference Search
Enter information about the cited work and specify search modes such as Cited Author, Work and/or Year(s) 
Select Timespan
For more information, go to Cited Reference Search Tutorial.

ProQuest Databases

Many of the subject specific databases available through the ProQuest interface provide cited references. 
To search:
Select 'Cited by' link on the search results list or in the item record, if available.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides some cited references to books and articles but it only includes articles that are indexed within its database, which is a much smaller subset of scholarly resources than found in other library subscribed databases. Results frequently include links to cited by references.
To search:
Perform title or author search, then follow cited by links.

EBSCOhost Databases

The following subject specific databases available through the EBSCOhost interface provide Cited References searching: Academic Search Complete, America History and Life, Business Source Complete, CINAHL, Communication Abstracts, Historical Abstracts, LGBT Life with Full Text, Music Index. 
To search:
Click Cited References in blue bar at top of screen. 
Type search terms in the Cited Author, Cited Title, Cited Source, Cited Year or All Citation Fields fields. 
A list of citation records for the search terms you entered will be presented. To view citing articles, mark checkboxes and click Find Citing Articles.

Full Text Databases

These databases allow you to search the full text of publications, including their references (if present). However, you may not be able to limit your search to references and most do not index different parts of the article in any detail. For more information, see Citation Rummaging (University of Toronto).

An example from a full text database:


To search:
Enter the name of the author of the article for which you want to find cited references and change the dropdown box to "Author" (or enter article title). Click Enter.
Click on the title of the article of interest. 
View the JSTOR box to the right of the screen, which will tell you how many times this item has been cited by works within JSTOR. Click to view the list of items. 

Finding Journal Impact Factors

The impact factor is the average number of times articles from the journal published in the last two years have been cited in the current year. When used as a point of comparison with other journals, the impact factor indicates the relative importance of a journal within a given field.

You can find journal rankings by clicking on: 
Journal Citation Reports
Accessible from drop-down menu at top of Web of Science search screen. Allows you to evaluate and compare journals worldwide within subject categories. For more information go to Web of Science tutorial.
For an explanation of impact factors, check Journal Impact Factors from Michigan State University Libraries.
Covers science and social sceinces journals (although much more in the science area, with more subject categories), including ones not included in ISI, PhD theses and more.