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Gender Studies

A selective guide to resources in Gender Studies at Queen's University Library

Data and Statistics

Queen's University Library provides access to a vast array of statistics and data spanning multiple disciplines. You'll find excellent current and retrospective statistics for Canada, the United States and international organizations. Thousands of survey and polling files can be searched for, explored, and downloaded for further analysis. Refer to the Data & Statistics Guide for detailed information. 

Featured Resources

Finding data on women : a guide to the major data sources at Statistics Canada
Indicates how to find the major surveys, analytical articles, monographs, and other Statistic Canada data sources

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Hub
Gender, diversity and inclusion statistics from Statistics Canada

Generations: A Study of the Life and Health of LGB People in a Changing Society, United States, 2016-2019
A five-year study designed to examine health and well-being across three generations of lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals (LGB)

Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report
Compilation of data related to women's family status, education, employment, economic well-being, unpaid work, health, and more.