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Government Information: Canada

Information and publications from Canadian governments at federal, provincial, territorial and municipal levels. Also includes help finding information from the census and the Canadian Research Index (MICROLOG).

Web Archives


From the mid-1990s onwards, the proportion of government information published online and distributed via official government websites steadily increased, eventually overtaking print and microformat publication and distribution. Today, much of what is published by many governments is exclusively online, which poses a variety of challenges, including that government websites are not static and do not guarantee the retention of historically published content intended for public consumption.

One approach to collecting and preserving this content is through web archiving initiatives, managed by governments, universities, and other non-government organizations.

Below are some key resources for archived web content from Canadian governments. Most of them use the same or similar technology to archive and republish historical web content, and it can be a bit slow to navigate between pages.

Government Information Guides

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