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Indigenous Knowledges and Perspectives

Finding Books

The academic search tool, Omni, can be used to find both print and electronic books. 
Tip: For more information on using Omni, please go to the Omni Overview and Omni Search Tips pages

The Queen's University Library, and by extension OMNI, uses the Library of Congress Classification System, which classifies materials about Indigenous Peoples under the subject heading "Indians of North America" (see the terminology page for more info on this).

Examples of subject headings and terminology relating to Indigenous Studies:
Native Peoples
Aboriginal Peoples
Indigenous Peoples
Indians of North America
Indian authors Canada Interviews
Haida Indians

Suggested Titles

Additional Resources

Nations to Nations: Indigenous Voices at Library and Archives Canada
Multimedia e-book featuring 28 essays and over 140 images. Indigenous staff at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) wrote the essays to offer personal interpretations of collection items such as journals, maps, artwork, photographs, publications and audiovisual recordings. This e-book provides unique perspectives of First Nations, Inuit and the Métis Nation, and it shows the diversity of the histories, languages and cultures of Indigenous peoples.