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Latin American Studies


Consult bibliographies to find a comprehensive list of sources on a specific topic or a selective list of key works on a topic. To find out what bibliographies the Library has, do a subject search in QCAT.


The Companion to Latin American Studies
REF F1414.C65t 2003
Latin America and the Caribbean: A Critical Guide to Research Sources
REF Z1601.L3225 1992
Latin American Studies: An Annotated Bibliography of Core Works
REF Z1601.C536 2002
Latin American Studies: A Basic Guide to Sources
REF Z1601.L324 1990
Reader's guide to the Social Sciences
REF H41.R417 2001
World Bibliographical Series
This is a series of bibliographies published on individual countries, and as such the individual parts of the series are found in the appropriate section of the reference collection relating to the particular country. In QCAT, search for World Bibliographical Series as a series. Then browse alphabetically by country of interest.


Bibliographic Guide to Spanish American Literature: Twentieth - Century Sources
REF Z1609.L7 R438 1988

Cambridge Companion to the Latin American Novel
REF PQ7082.N7 C272 2005

Latin American Literary Authors: An Annotated Guide to Bibliographies
REF Z1609.L7 Z82 1986

Manual de literatura española
PQ6032.P4 (Stauffer Library - Books)

A Sourcebook for Hispanic Literature and Language
REF Z2695.A5 B55 1974

Spanish American Women Writers: A Bio-bibliographical Sourcebook
REF Z1609.L7S6 1990t

The 20th Century Spanish - American Novel: A Bibliographic Guide
REF Z1609.F4 F68 1975


Post-Colonial Studies: the Key Concepts
REF JV185.A74 2000t

Research Tools for Latin American Historians: A Select, Annotated Bibliography
REF Z1601.W47 1980

Politics, Dissidence & Ethnicity

Revolutions and Revolutionists
REF Z7164.R54 B55 1982

World Racism and Related Inhumanities: A Country by Country Bibliography
REF Z7164.R12 W5 1992


Film Index International
Online from 1900-
Film Index International is a major information resource for entertainment films and personalities produced in collaboration with the British Film Institute, with scholarly, inclusive approach to all areas of film studies - from the very first silent movies, to art house classics or the latest blockbusters. Film Index International provides truly International coverage, indexing films from over 170 countries. Also search for individual countries and film or cinema in a keyword search.
A Guide to Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino made Film and Video
PN1995.9.L37G85 1998
Latin American Films, 1932 - 1994: a Critical Filmography
REF PN1995.9.L37S38 1997