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Latin American Studies


Consult specialized dictionaries to get a broad overview of a subject, a concise overview of a concept, school of thought or person. To find dictionaries on your topic, search QCAT using the keywords of your topic combined with "dictionaries".
Dictionary of Contemporary Politics of South America
REF F2237.G86 1989t
Dictionary of Contemporary Politics in Central America
REF F2183.G86 1991t
Latin American Historical Dictionaries (series)
REF - various call numbers (there are 15 in total)
Series of Historical Dictionaries of Latin American countries. For a list of individual titles and call numbers, search QCAT by title using "latin american historical dictionaries".
Latin America: A Political Dictionary
REF F1406.R67 1992
Modern Latin-American Fiction Writers
REF PQ7082.N7M55 1994
Notable Twentieth-Century Latin American Women: A Biographical Dictionary
REF CT3290.N68 2001
Oxford Spanish Dictionary: Spanish - English/English - Spanish
REF PC4640.093 1994t
The United States in Latin America: A Historical Dictionary
REF F1418.S494 1992