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Forest of Reading®, K to 6 Programs

Sponsored annually by the Ontario Library Association, the Red Maple Award reading program is geared to readers in Grade 7 and 8. Ten novels are nominated each year and ten non-fiction are selected every second year.

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Find Out About the Forest of Reading!

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The Queen's Education Library supports Ontario's Forest of Reading by purchasing all the K-12 nominees each year and supporting classes that read Forest books and prepare Forest activities.  Read a Forest title today!

Forest in the Media:

Festival of Trees shines celebrity spotlight on children's authors. Globe & Mail, Saturday, 8 September 2018.

Teacher Resources for the 2020 Programs

As of 20 March 2020 the Ontario Library Association has opened access to the resources for the 2020 Forest of Reading programs! 

2020 Virtual Author Visits from Forest Fridays

Activities for the Forest of Reading nominees

Enjoy the chance to hear from 20 Canadian children's authors and to make use of the fun activities for each nominated title. Remember that the activities are not intended to support the curriculum, but to add to the enjoyment of the book.

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