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Forest of Reading®, K to 6 Programs

Sponsored annually by the Ontario Library Association, the Red Maple Award reading program is geared to readers in Grade 7 and 8. Ten novels are nominated each year and ten non-fiction are selected every second year.

Blue Spruce Nominees, 2021

2021 Winner

Lesson plans by teacher candidate Amelia Rotter


My name is Amelia Rotter, and I am a final-year Con-Ed student. My focus classes, and specialization in teaching, are centred around Early Childhood Education. This is why I was more than delighted to work with the top 10 Blue Spruce Nominees of 2021 during my Alternate Practicum. I created specific lesson plan outlines for three of the ten books, including Salma the Syrian ChefThe Proudest Blue, and Boxitects.

I have provided in-depth lesson plan outlines that target a number of subjects that are grade specific K-2, such as science and technology, mathematics, art, and social studies. The primary level students will have a blast with the various hands-on activities that I have researched and prepared. The Teacher Guides include an average of 3-4 lesson plans per book, marked with session subheadings. The lesson plan guides are organized into sections that are colour coordinated for your convenience, and begin with guiding questions and thoughts before, during, and after reading the given Blue Spruce picture book to the class. The objectives of the lessons, resources needed, as well as a brief summary of the text are included as well. 

Enjoy delving into these fantastic books!