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PROF 110: Self as Teacher

A guide that aims to support the work of students in PROF 110 by showcasing the resources in the Education Library that connect to topics in this course.

Ontario Ministry of Education

Klinger, Don & McDivitt, Patricia. (2015). Classroom Assessment Standards for PreK to 12 Teachers. Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation. Available for digital download only ($3.00 U.S.) A DRAFT version is available as an open access pdf.

Standardized Testing

Klinger, Don A., DeLuca, Christopher, & Miller, Tess. (2008). The evolving culture of large-scale assessments in Canadian education. Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, issue #76.

Ontario Ministry of Education. (2010). Appendix 1: Large-scale assessments. In Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools, Covering Grades1 to 12, pp. 91-96.

Boser, Ulrich. Baffour, Perpetual, & Vela, Steph. (2016). A Look at the Education Crisis: Tests, Standards, and the Future of American Education. Center for American Progress.

Language Testing


Educational Leadership (ASCD)

Click the Search Within This Publication link and try a search for assess* to find articles in this popular teacher journal.

The March 2014 issue focuses on assessment:

Educational Leadership issue

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