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PROF 110: Self as Teacher

A guide that aims to support the work of students in PROF 110 by showcasing the resources in the Education Library that connect to topics in this course.

20th Century Overviews

Christou, T. M. (2014). The pedagogy of peace: Education and the exigencies of life. Canadian Issues, , 63-68. 

Harrigan, Patrick J. (1986). A Comparative Perspective on Recent Trends in the History of Education in CanadaHistory of Education Quarterly, 26(1), 71-86.

Lehwald, K. (2014). In search of a right to free public education in Canada. Education Law Journal, 24(1), 25-47.

Access to Post-Secondary Education

Khanna, Nishad, MacCormack, Jeffrey, Kutsyuruba, Benjamin, McCart, Stoney, & Freeman, John. Youth That Thrive: A Review of Critical Factors and Effective Programs for 12-25 Year Olds. A Report prepared for the YMCA of Greater Toronto and the United Way, Toronto.

King, Alan J. C., Klinger, Don., Warren, Wendy K., Youmans, Sandy, Saab, Hana, & Freeman, John. (2010). Ontario Longitudinal Student Survey (OLSS) Student Phase: Final Report. Submitted to Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.

King, A.J.C. & Warren, W.K. (2006). Transition to College: Perspectives of Secondary School Students: Final Report of Findings for the ACAATO Collaborative Research Project: Phase 1. Sponsored by the Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario.

Career Planning

Versatile B.Ed Degrees

Foxman, Stuart. (2010). Careers beyond the classroom.  Professionally Speaking. The value of your study of teaching may see you to careers far beyond a classroom.