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PROF 110: Self as Teacher

A guide that aims to support the work of students in PROF 110 by showcasing the resources in the Education Library that connect to topics in this course.

Great Places to Start

Survive & Thrive: A Resource for Beginning Teachers

A resource for beginning teachers, occasional teachers, mentors and teacher candidates.

survive and thrive site

The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning

A book and collaborative community for beginning teachers from your Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO).

Ontario Ministry of Education Support

Capacity Building Series, 2007 to the present

The Learning Exchange

The purpose of The Learning Exchange is to share "research-based content focused on student achievement". (About page)

The Learning Exchange also hosts a Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat (LNS) video series on Quality Teaching, It's Intentional This series continues the focus on how to instruct for optimum student achievement.  Other LNS videos focus on instructional strategies, sometimes with a subject context -- especially reading, math.

Ontario Educational Resource Bank

The OERB is a database of lesson plan ideas and classroom activities created by Ontario teachers for Ontario teachers. Your access is via the Queen's pre-service password available only to Queen's Education candidates here. Use the password your Education Librarian gave you to access the password file.  If you have forgotten it, email your Librarian and include your student number in your request for the password.

Service Ontario Publications

Search by keyword to find education-related documents. No need to log in to download free publications. For example, search growing success kindergarten for the Growing Success Kindergarten Addendum.

Popular Sites for Classroom Teachers


edutopia logo

Find resources to help you implement project-based learning, social and emotional learning, comprehensive assessment, teacher development, integrated studies, and technology integration.

Canadian Journals for Teachers

Education Canada

education canada logo

Education Canada is the Canadian Education Association's flagship magazine for educators. It reports on current issues in education from a Canadian perspective.  Reached your limit of free articles?  At Queen's you also have access via our Education Source collection.

Voice (Elementary Teachers' Federation)

ETFO Voice magazine

Education Forum (OSSTF)

Education Forum magazine

Education Today

Only selected articles are available online. Your Ed Library has this in print on Floor 1.

Education Today magazine

Perspectives (Can. Teachers' Federation)

perspectives logo

Perspectives is published by the Canadian Teachers' Federation and features practical articles on issues of concern to Canadian teachers.  Recent issues include pieces on wellness in our schools and human rights issues as an educational concern.