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PROF 110: Self as Teacher

A guide that aims to support the work of students in PROF 110 by showcasing the resources in the Education Library that connect to topics in this course.

Student Voice

From the Ontario Ministry of Education, a new site that welcomes Student Voice. Speak Up is the heading this initiative is getting started with.

Student Voice: Transforming Relationships, Capacity Building series, 2013. Secretariat Special Education #34.

Parent Engagement

Ontario's Parent Engagement Policy and strategies are emerging from the 2010 report A Parent Engagement Policy for Ontario Schools, 2010.

Student-Teacher Relationships

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Smith, M. K. (2004). Nel Noddings: The ethics of care and education. The Encyclopedia of Informal Education. 

Curiosity in the Classroom

Angela Duckworth, the author of Grit, is the founder and CEO of Character Lab -- a research network that works to "develop and text activities to better understand how to support the development of character and well-being in young people" (  Check out the Playbooks -- lists of resources -- on grit, gratitude, self-control, and curiosity,


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