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Religious Studies & Theology

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Consult specialized encyclopedias or dictionaries to get a broad overview of a subject, a concise overview of a concept, school of thought or person. To find encyclopedias or dictionaries on your topic, search QCAT using the keywords of your topic combined with "encyclopedia" or "dictionaries".

  • Encyclopedia of Religion: The standard comprehensive reference source for religion, the Encyclopedia contains over 2,750 entries. 2nd edition/2005. (*full text)
  • Brill's Encyclopedia of Hunduism *new in 2018*: Fully searchable, the online encyclopedia presents the latest research on all the main aspects of the Hindu traditions.
Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions
REF BL31.A24
This dictionary is "intended as a guide to the historical development, beliefs, and observances of religions which are being practiced today. Each major religious tradition has an extensive article devoted to it, and there are briefer articles on more specific topics and aspects of each, including entries for regional developments in religions which have spread to various geographical locations. Signed articles; bibliographies; cross-references."
Anchor Bible Dictionary
REF BS440.A54 1992
This dictionary of about 6200 entries covers proper names, major works, each book of the Bible, Apocryphal texts and the Dead Sea scrolls.
Abridged and edited translation of one of the most comprehensive sources on Islam and the Muslim world. Publication is a work-in-progress. Full-text (encyclopedia)
Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition Covers the Islamic World from religion and history to politics and culture. Encompasses old Arabo-Islamic empire, Iran, Central Asia, India, Indonesia, the Ottoman Empire and all modern Islamic states. Full-text (encyclopedia)
Revised and expanded edition of the encyclopedia, aiming to cover all areas of the world with a Muslim presence. Full-text (encyclopedia)
This reference work provides a definitive and intellectually rigorous collection of psychological interpretations of the stories, rituals, motifs, symbols, doctrines, dogmas, and experiences of the world's religious and mythological traditions.
Encyclopedia of Religion
REF BL31.E46 2005
This standard work treats the theoretical, practical and sociological aspects of both major and minor religions past and present. Includes bibliographies.
This encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference work for scholars interested in the topic of 'Science and Religion.' It covers the widest spectrum possible of academic disciplines and religious traditions worldwide, with the intent of laying bare similarities and differences that naturally emerge within and across disciplines and religions today.
Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America
REF BL458.E52 2006 (3 vols)
This online encyclopedia offers scholarly articles relevant to the contemporary dialogue between religion and science, primarily from a Catholic theological perspective.
This comprehensive, scholarly four volume encyclopedia not only covers the "broad phenomenon of religion and all its societal ramifications in the sixteenth century" but goes beyond the sixteenth century to include relevant topics from the late Middle Ages. Includes annotated bibliographies.
Includes A Dictionary of the Bible, The Oxford Companion to the bible, The Oxford Guide to People and Places of the Bible, A Dictionary of Buddhism, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, Oxford Dictionary of Islam, A Concise Companion to the Jewish Religion, The Oxford Dictionary of Popes, The Oxford Dictionary of Saints, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions
Religion and American Cultures: an Encyclopedia of Traditions, Diversity, and Popular Expressions
REF BL2525.R448 2003
This three volume set "explores a new spirit of religious diversity, multiculturalism, and the many varied religious cultures that have emerged outside the mainstream traditions".
Religion Past and Present (RPP) is the English version of the 4th edition of Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart (RGG), the highly respected, authoritative encyclopaedia of Christian theology, biblical studies and religious studies.

Why consult encyclopedias or dictionaries?

Specialized encyclopedias or dictionaries provide a broad overview of a subject, a concise overview of a concept, school of thought or person. To find encyclopedias or dictionaries on your topic, search QCat using the keywords of your topic combined with "encyclopedia" or "dictionaries".