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Religious Studies & Theology



  • RAMBI: The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies A selective bibliography of articles in the Field of Judaica and in the study of the State of Israel. The database includes articles in Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, and other European languages. Many works come from the holdings of the Jewish National and University Library, but important Judaica articles published worldwide are also included. Articles from secondary sources are listed.
  • ATLA Produced by the American Theological Library Association (ATLA), covers topics such as Biblical studies, world religions, Church history, and religious perspectives on social issues. Indexes journal articles, essays, conferences, congresses and book reviews. Selective items in full text.
  • Context of Scripture Online Provides access to a collection of Ancient Near Eastern texts that have an impact on the interpretation of the Bible. Each entry includes an introduction to the text, an authoritative translation, commentary, and bibliographic references.
  • Religious and Theological Abstracts Provides objective summaries of articles appearing in scholarly journals in the fields of Religion and Theology. Periodical literature covers Christian, Jewish, and other World religions.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

A Concise Companion to the Jewish Religion

Encyclopaedia Judaica "Offers a comprehensive view of world Jewry in about 25,000 articles by an international list of contributors".

The Routledge Dictionary of Judaism (2003)

Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics (Brill Reference)