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Religious Studies & Theology

Guides & Handbooks

The Bible Almanac
REF BS635.2.B48
Provides information on the "coinage, weights and measures, foods, means of travel, animal and vegetable life, chronology, social manners and customs, languages and literary forms, and many other aspects of human life" in biblical times. Includes illustrations, maps, tables and occasional bibliographic citations.
Eerdmans' Handbook to Christian Belief
REF BT77.E35 1982
This book "gives a clear and comprehensive account of Christian belief. Themes covered include: Christianity, Jesus Christ, God, creation of the universe, a new creation and Christian belief in the making. Articles have been written by an international team of contributors from twenty countries".
Eerdmans' Handbook to the World's Religions
REF BL80.2.E35 1982
Presents a comprehensive and clear introduction and guide to the world's religions from ancient times to present day. Includes diagrams, photographs and a "fact-finder" of terms.
The Illustrated Guide to the Bible
REF BS635.2.P67 1995t
Beautifully illustrated with colored photographs, etchings, manuscripts, paintings and maps, this multifaceted book treats readers to a "reliquary of scriptural influences in all walks of life". There are "historical accounts of various Bible stories and historical treatments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Roman rule" to name a few.