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World Indigenous Studies in Education (WISE)

Search Tips for Google Scholar

Search Google Scholar 

Google Scholar searches a subset of scholarly materials including academic peer-reviewed journal articles, books, chapter, conference proceedings, research and technical reports, and dissertations and theses. 

Many Queen's library holdings are listed in Google Scholar. This means that when you perform a GS search, items available through Queen's will show a Get it @ Queen's link as long as you have logged in through the Off-Campus Access link. 

Once proxied in you can choose Google Scholar under the  All Databases A - Z area : Google Scholar.

Once you arrive at the Google Scholar page you can perform your search and wherever there is a  Get it @ Queen's link you can click to read the full text.

Google Scholar screen

In the example below I have a results set for the search: Indigenous land based education Canada. If I am interested in the results I can click on the  Get it @ Queen's link to view the full-text, otherwise I can refine my search string and perhaps adjust the date range at the left of my results.

Google Scholar result

Search with operators:  

Follow the steps illustrated below to search on the concept "assessment for learning".

Chart of Operators and Examples

The results of my search using: intitle:methodology “First Nations” OR Aboriginal OR Indigenous AND Decoloniz* Canada may look something like this:

Google Scholar results

Click "Cited by" to see who else has cited the paper. Also try "Related articles".