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Accessibility and the Adaptive Technology Centre

Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC), located in room 120, Stauffer Library, offering a range of services, computers, assistive devices, and specialized software that enable students with disabilities to read, write, research and study more effectively.


Please make sure you’ve followed the steps on the Quick Start sheet to setup your account and activate your smartpen before you continue. (If you haven’t, go to from your computer’s browser to begin now.)


a. To charge your smartpen, use the USB cable and connect it to a computer or a USB AC wall adapter.

b. Set your date & time using the controls on the inside back cover of your notebook.


Learn more - helpful links

To learn more about getting the most out of your Livescribe wifi smartpen, go to -smartpen for helpful videos, tips and tricks and our online help documentation.

Download Evernote® apps at so that you can access your Livescribe notes and audio on your computer, tablet or smartphone any time and anywhere.

Livescribe online assistance.

Using Flick and Scrub

Using Flick and Scrub

  1. Using the Menu button, navigate to a menu, such as Settings.
  2. Draw a Flick and Scrub control.To flick — place your smartpen tip on the line or box and move the tip quickly in one direction, either up the page or down. You can finish the gesture with a flourish, lifting the smartpen tip off the paper, if you like.
    1. Locate an area of Livescribe Dot Paper that has no buttons or writing.
    2. Press the tip of your smartpen down for one-half (1/2) second.
    3. Wait until you hear a short beep, and — without lifting your smartpen tip off the paper — draw a vertical line. Or, you can draw a rectangular box instead of a line.
      Your smartpen will treat the line or box as a Flick and Scrub control.
  3. The smartpen screen scrolls quickly either up or down and comes to rest on its own.

  4. To scrub — place your smartpen tip on the line or box and move it gently up or down. Do not lift your smartpen tip from the paper. You can scrub up and then down and then up again until you locate the menu item you want. The smartpen screen scrolls in a more controlled manner up and down the list of menu items.
Note: After drawing a Flick and Scrub control, you can use it at any time for scrolling. You do not need to press and hold the smartpen tip when using a Flick and Scrub control—only when creating it.

Livescribe - Learn to use

Take the work out of note-taking by recording everything you write and hear. Automatically, your notes and audio are wirelessly sent and securely stored in Evernote.® Whether you play back your notes and lectures from your smartpen, computer or mobile device, you’ll have your most important information wherever and whenever you need it.

Livescribe learning

*Remember to download the desktop feature to save your notes to your computer.

For example, if you are using the LiveScribe Echo, download the Echo desktop here.

Record and play back

Record and Play Back

Step 1 Power on your Livescribe wifi smartpen.

Step 2 Connect your smartpen to a Wi-Fi network using the printed controls on the inside cover of your Starter Notebook.

Connect to Wifi

Step 3 Tap the record button on your Starter notebook.



a. For additional help with connecting to Wi-Fi networks, please go to help.

b. Use the included sticker sheets to place interactive Wi-Fi controls in other convenient locations.

c. You can also print your own Wi-Fi controls. Go to wifi -smartpen and review the Printing Livescribe Dot Paper section.

Step 4 Write the number “1” on your paper and as you write it, say your full name.

           Write the number “2” and as you write it, say the city where you were born.

Start record

Step 5 Tap the stop button with your smartpen. Your notes and audio will sync to your Evernote® account.

Step 6 Tap on the “1” or “2” with your smartpen, to hear what you’ve recorded.


a. If you are just taking notes and not recording audio, tap the Sync Now button on the inside cover of your Starter Notebook to sync your notes to Evernote.

b. As a shortcut, you can also tap the number “1” on the top of your notebook pages to sync to Evernote.


Livescribe learning resources

Notes and Audio in Evernote

If you are using a LiveScribe with WiFi, your recorded notes and audio are wirelessly sent and securely stored in Evernote. You can quickly search, share, organize and play back your notes and audio any time, on nearly any device.

Step 1 Go to, or open your Evernote desktop application, and sign in to your account.

Step 2 Look for your Livescribe wifi smartpen (it will be listed by the name you chose during activation) and locate the A5 Wifi Starter                  Notebook 1 under it.


Step 3 Clicking anywhere on the note in the large window will open Livescribe Player, where the ink strokes and audio will play back.


a. Allow Evernote a little more time to synchronize your notes, it could take a few minutes. If you are using the Evernote web client, refreshing your     web browser to reload the page may help. If you are using other Evernote apps, use the Sync button to refresh your account.

b. Make sure your smartpen is connected to a Wi-Fi network and that you’ve completed the steps to activate your smartpen.

c. If your notes and audio haven’t automatically transferred to Evernote yet, tap the Sync Now button on the inside cover of your Starter notebook.        English

Step 4 Click anywhere on the green strokes of your notes to play back the audio from that moment in time.

Play back


Black notes indicate that no audio was recorded while those notes were written.

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