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Accessibility and the Adaptive Technology Centre

Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC), located in room 120, Stauffer Library, offering a range of services, computers, assistive devices, and specialized software that enable students with disabilities to read, write, research and study more effectively.



Select Libraries


Easily find images that visually represent concepts with new Symbol Libraries.
Open the Symbols palette [Control + 8 (Windows), [Command + 8
(Macintosh)] to browse through the Symbol Libraries.

Word Count / Sound and Video in notes

Word Count
Meet project requirements and check the number of words and the page count in your document. Check word and page count in OutlineView by going to Tools menu>Word Count.

Word count

Sound and video in notes
While researching and elaborating on your work, import audio and video into your notes and play them directly from Outline View. Drag and drop multimedia files into your outline or record audio by going to Tools menu>Insert Videos or Sound.

Sound and video in notes

Speaker notes

When first starting Presentation Manager, Inspiration places notes from the diagram, mind map and outline associated with this presentation into speaker notes. Add supporting information or edit notes to clarify your points of view. Click in the speaker notes area below the slide editing area. Your cursor will appear wherever you clicked and you can add to or replace words using typical word processor editing techniques.

Speaker notes

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Inspiration - About

For visual mapping, outlining, writing and making presentations.  Brainstorm ideas, structure your thoughts and visually communicate concepts to strengthen understanding with the Diagram and Map Views. To take notes, organize information, and structure writing for plans, papers and reports, use the integrated Outline View to focus on main and supporting ideas and to clarify thinking in written form. With Presentation Manager, transform your diagrams, mind maps and outlines into polished presentations that communicate ideas clearly and demonstrate understanding and knowledge.

Menu information

Begin projects quickly by starting a new document in Diagram, Outline or the new Map View. Find templates that offer frameworks for gathering information and organizing ideas. With an Internet connection, find on-demand training videos that show you how to start using Inspiration easily.  

Map view

Powerful Map View to think and create with mind maps

Central Idea library

Define the central idea of your mind map with words and an image. Use a symbol from the
Central Idea library, which contains symbols designed specifically for mind maps.

Central Idea Library

When you enter Map View, a new untitled mind map with a Central Idea symbol and four starter branches appears. With the text “Central Idea”

selected, start typing to enter your idea into the central idea topic. The Central Idea library is located after the Basic library on the Symbols palette.
However, you can use any symbol to represent the central idea. To develop the topics for the four starter branches, simply select a branch to add text and symbols.

Add Subtopic Quick Control and RapidFire®
Capture additional ideas and add new branches with one click or brainstorm freely with Inspiration’s signature RapidFire® tool.


Select an existing branch or the Central Idea symbol and use the Add Subtopic Quick Control or click the Subtopic button Subtopic on the Main toolbar to add details and additional information to the branch. Click on a branch and use RapidFire RapidFire on the Main toolbar to quickly add a series of new ideas. Select the topic to which you want to add a subtopic, then…click the Add Subtopic Quick Control. 

Presentation Manager overview

Develop your presentations with all of the easy-to-use tools available in Presentation Manager.

Presentation manager overview

Inspiration Learning

Helpful learning resources for Inspiration are available online

Inspiration main menu

Comprehend. Create. Communicate. Achieve More.

Linking Phrases

Explain relationships between ideas more clearly and create formal concept maps with an easily accessible collection of Linking Phrases.  Select a link in a diagram, then choose Link menu>Linking Phrases and choose the phrase to insert.

linking phrases

Symbols / Formatting / Rearrange

Find exactly the right images to visually represent your ideas and information with Inspiration’s collection of symbols. Just like in Diagram View, you can choose from the Symbol Libraries, search for images from Inspiration’s online symbol collection, or drag and drop in your own images from the Internet or your computer.  To find a symbol, browse through the Symbol Libraries or enter keyword(s) in the search field at the bottom of the Symbols palette.

Formatting tools
Differentiate and emphasize ideas using colors, and font sizes and styles. Use the Formatting toolbar, which includes tools for formatting text, branches and symbols; draw tools; and tools that enable you to position the mind map on the page, position objects precisely and space objects evenly.  Find the Formatting toolbar at the bottom of your workspace.  Note: There are unique toolbars for Diagram, Map and Outline Views.

Formatting tools

Rearrange ideas
Change how ideas are related simply by selecting a topic and attaching it to another branch. As you drag an idea to a new location, its associated subtopics will move as well.  Select the topic where you want to detach the branch and click and hold your mouse to drag it to a new location. When the branch is positioned to attach, an arrow indicates the new connection between your ideas.

Rearrange ideas