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Adaptive Technology Centre: Software and Assistive Devices

Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC), located in room 120, Stauffer Library, offering a range of services, computers, assistive devices, and specialized software that enable students with disabilities to read, write, research and study more effectively.

FM Systems

An FM (Frequency Modulation) System utilizes radio waves and is a wireless system and is useful when the speaker is more than a few feet away (up to 150 feet).

The microphone and receivers are battery operated and generally use rechargeable batteries. Since it uses FM radio waves it will also transmit sound through objects and walls.

Equipment Loan

The Adaptive Technology Centre has eight FM systems for loan. FM systems can be signed out for an academic term. FM Systems must be signed out from and returned to the Adaptive Technologist in the Adaptive Technology Centre.

The following FM Systems are available from the ATC:

  • Williams Sound Neckloop Telecoil Couplers. (3)
    • These FM systems couple the audio output into hearing aids equipped with T-Coil. 
  • ClearSounds Quattro Pro Bluetooth Listening Systems. (2)
    • These are a Bluetooth Neckloop and removable omni-directional microphone and are T-Coil hearing aid compatible. They have a detachable mic that transmits sound to the Neckloop.
  • Williams Sound PFM PRO RCH Personal Listening Systems. (3)
    • These deliver audio directly into the ear through headphones, enhancing sound.