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Adaptive Technology Centre: Software and Assistive Devices

Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC), located in room 120, Stauffer Library, offering a range of services, computers, assistive devices, and specialized software that enable students with disabilities to read, write, research and study more effectively.

Assignment Planning & Writing

There are apps, software, and browser extensions available to help you plan and write your assignments. Some of this software includes:




Queen's University crest, "Queen's university" in red text

Assignment Planner by SASS

Generates a customizable guide to help you plan your assignment. Developed by Queen’s Student Academic Success Services for Queen’s students.



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Mind mapping iOS app for individuals or groups.

(Free + in-app purchases)


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Grammarly Keyboard

When enabled, Grammarly Keyboard will proof-read and suggest edits as you type on your phone.




Plan your assignments on your own or collaboratively. Integrates with apps such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Google Calendar, Basic is recommended. (Free with paid versions).


Create a to-do list based on daily and long-term categories. Available on iOS, Android, and on the web. (Paid).


Organize your to-do list, track your time spent on tasks, and focus on tasks with Pomodoro or white noise. Available on all devices + browser extension. (Paid with free version).


Project organization for desktop, iOS, and Android. Collaborate with classmates on a planning board or develop a planning board alone. Free version is recommended. (Free with paid versions).

The Make Time App

Plan and time block your assignment or daily tasks on your tablet or phone. (Paid with free version).


Mind mapping software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. (Paid). 

WordQ Pro 5

Toolbar featuring text-to-speech, proofreading, and word prediction. Speech to text available for Windows. (Paid).