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Adaptive Technology Centre: Software and Assistive Devices

Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC), located in room 120, Stauffer Library, offering a range of services, computers, assistive devices, and specialized software that enable students with disabilities to read, write, research and study more effectively.

Time Management / Organizational Tools

Assignment Planner

  • Queen's University Student Academic Success Services provides students with the assignment planner tool that helps plan assignments by breaking them into manageable parts and providing resources and support toward their completion - see: Assignment Planner webpage for help getting started!

The Make Time App

Software to Assist With:

Low vision or associated vision issues

  • Claro Screen Ruler Assists readers by colouring (tinting) / coloured overlay on the screen or providing a reading toolbar
  • ClaroView Provides the reader with a coloured overlay so the screen is tinted and easier to read; optional colours and intensity

Building reading and writing skills

  • WordQ Pro 5  Express your ideas and relay your knowledge, at work or in a post-secondary environment, with confidence and clarity - Watch a video demonstration online of WordQ Pro 5 here on YouTube

AT / Academic Supports for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Students



EngLinks is the academic support service of the Engineering Society of Queen’s University. 

Software / Apps Designed for Higher Education

  • Adobe Scan - Adobe Scan app for your mobile device, scan documents to PDFs, recognize text
  • AudioNote Note-taking and voice recording - save time, improve the quality of your notes - read about AudioNote
  • Dolphin EasyReader for iOS and Android (reading App to assist with Dyslexia, Low Vision and Blindness)
  • Dragon Anywhere - Professional grade mobile dictation app for Dragon NaturallySpeaking subscribers
  • Dualless - Google Chrome Extension for those who don't have a dual monitor, will split the browser window into two with adjustable ratio, simulating a dual monitor environment
  • Google LIVE TRANSCRIBE - Real time, transcribes speech to text anytime, anywhere on your Android device
  • Grammarly Keyboard  Type on the keyboard, Grammarly verifies your message is clear, effective, and mistake-free
  • JustRead - View web articles in a more readable, attractive, and custom format
  • MindMeister Mind mapping for individuals or groups
  • Morphic One-click access to key built-in accessibility and usability features; transfer a person’s assistive technology and accessibility/usability settings between computers
  • NaturalReader text to speech for MAC or PC - NaturalReader libguide - resource for using NaturalReader by NIE. Free 
  • NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free screen reader which enables use of the Windows Operating system. Free
  • Notability Real-time audio recording and note taking - Notability (iPad/Mac)
  • OneStep Reader (formerly KNFB Reader App) convert text to speech easily anytime, anywhere - available in iOS, Android, Windows 10
  • Otter Voice Notes  Magically turn voice into sharable, smart notes that sync audio, text, and images
  • RocketBook - Write Reuse Organize Scan.  Endlessly reusable notebook connected to your cloud services
  • ScannerPro 7 Mobile or tablet portable scanner
  • Seeing AI - Talking camera for low vision and blind students
  • SpeechifyPower through docs, PDFs, email – anything you read – by listening with our leading text-to-speech reader
  • Voice DreamReader  Turn text into speech - App available in iOS and Android
  • VoiceOver Advanced screen reader built into MAC operating systems
  • XMind Mapping software PC/Windows - Features - XMind mapping software MAC            

Accessibility Features Available Within Your Laptop or Desktop

Most devices have powerful accessibility features already built into their operating systems. The Adaptive Technologist can help provide you with support to use your devices more effectively.

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