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Find Plays in Omni

The default search in Omni is basic search and supports Boolean operators: AND, OR or NOT. They they must be entered in uppercase (e.g. theater OR theatre). Use quotations for phrases (e.g., "method acting").

For a specific play or playwright/dramatist, search Omni by title or author . The library might have the dramatist's complete works or selections.
  Miller, Arthur. Collected Plays        Crucible, a play in four acts

Try a Keyword Boolean search. to find plays listed in the table of contents of anthologies. Use quotations around the full title.

  "memory of two mondays"         moses AND almighty

Find other sources listed in Omni by searching subject headings, for example:

  Drama-Stories, plots, etc.          Plots (Drama, novel, etc.)

Boolean Operators

Use AND to tell the database that ALL search terms must be present in results. Narrows your search results  theatre AND history AND england
Use OR between words for synonyms. Broadens your search results plays AND (victorian OR 19th OR nineteenth)
Use NOT to exclude terms dramatist* AND irish NOT shaw
Use quotation marks around phrases "fin de siècle"
? for single character wildcard (useful for variable spellings) wom?n for woman, women
* for truncation (multiple character wildcard). Useful for variant endings of a root word. theat* for theatre, theater, theatrical
brackets to group similar or possible terms (nested searching) plays AND (inuit OR "first nations" OR metis OR indigenous)

Other Tools

Omni offers a number of useful tools that you can use to organize, save, and cite your research.  Log into Omni to get the maximum use out of tools.

cite icon Citation icon Select one of ten different citation styles and generate a citation to the item. Be sure to check citations for accuracy
envelope icon Envelope icon Email a record to the item
pushpin icon Pushpin icon Save this item to your list of favourites in Omni
citation trails Citation trails Lead to sources that cite the work or to references cited in the item
ellipsis icon Ellipsis icon Shows action options including citation, email, permalink, export to citation managers and print record

Subject Headings