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Rethinking Theatre

BIPOC Demands for White American Theatre

Created by We See You White American Theatre, a “collective of multi-generational, multi-disciplinary, early career, emerging and established artists, theater managers, executives, students, administrators, dramaturges and producers,” this document offers specific, actionable ways that the theatre industry needs to change, in the United States, and in Canada.

The Only Animal: See this theatre company's EDI policy

Oriental, Black, and White: The formation of racial habits in American theater

Diversity, inclusion, and representation in contemporary dramaturgy : case studies from the field


BIPOC Playwrights

Theatre Online Master List

A resource on the Canadian Theatre Educator's Conference site. Includes links to over 900 productions available online as audio dramas, filmed productions, or recordings of online pieces. Includes section highlighting online plays featuring BIPOC artists.

Black Playwrights:  Descriptions and roles.

Asian Playwrights 

Studio 58 Database of Diverse Plays and Playwrights includes plays by women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and diverse cultural backgrounds (self-defined by the writers). One section dedicated to Canadian writers

BIPOC Canadian Playwrights

Moynagh, M. A. (2005). African-Canadian theatre 
Clarke, G. E. (2012). Directions home : approaches to African-Canadian literature

Sarah Waisvisz is a Queen's professor, playwright, director, and performer. See her article suggesting that "Canadian theatre artists of all backgrounds pay more attention to non-Western cultural concepts ...and better honour BIPOC cultures and bodies:" Waisvisz, S. (2021). We Are Holding Our Breath: Canadian Theatre after the Explosions. Canadian Theatre Review186, 59–64.

Plays and Play Lists

Black Canadian Playwrights: List by Canadian Playwrights Press.

Deverell, R. S. (2011). Give voice : ten twenty-minute plays from the Obsidian Theatre Company 
Nyoka, G. (2004). Mella mella 

Corthron, K. (2004). Safe box 
Sears, D. (2000). Testifyin’ : contemporary African Canadian drama. Collection of monologues.
Knowles, R. P., Seremba, G., Sears, D., & Gale, L. (2011). Afrika, solo. Come good rain / by George Seremba -- Je me souviens : memories of an expatriate Anglophone, Montréalaise, Québécoise, exiled in Canada / by Lorena Gale.
Sears, D. (2000). Tellin’ it like it is : a compendium of African Canadian monologues for actors .

Note; Bridge; Sound of the be; Wilberforce Hotel; Black lives, Black words; Our fathers, sons, lovers, and little brothers are on order: Playwrights Canada Press.


BIPOC Playwrights

EDIIA Resources

Race-Conscious Casting: Suggestions for approaching plays featuring Black/POC characters in a drama class

Stratford Festival: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Report


Inclusive Shakespeares : Identity, Pedagogy, Performance: on order

The Great White Bard: How to Love Shakespeare While Talking about Race: on order