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Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Consult specialized encyclopedias or dictionaries to get a broad overview of a subject, a concise overview of a concept, school of thought or person. To find encyclopedias or dictionaries on your topic, search Omni using the keywords of your topic combined with "encyclopedia" or "dictionaries".
The Cambridge Guide to American Theatre
REF PN2221 .C37 2007
The Cambridge Guide to Theatre
REF PN2035 .C27 1995
Covers the history of theatre, television, as well as actors and directors.
Cambridge History of American Theatre
Also in print: REF PN2221 .C37 1998
Three volume set covers American theatre from its earliest history to the present.
Information about Canadian actors, playwrights, directors, producers, designers, theatre organizations and institutions, composers and plays available to the world.
Columbia Encyclopedia of Modern Drama
REF PN1861 .C65 2007
Companion to Theatre in Australia
REF PN3011 .C66 1995
The Continuum Companion to Twentieth Century Theatre
REF PN2035 .C65 2002
Critical Survey of Drama
REF PN1625 .C69 2003
This eight volume set supplies essays about 538 individual dramatists and 64 overview essays on topics covering, for example, African American drama, feminist theater, gay and lesbian theater, resources, and radio and television drama (limited to the US). Entries extend far beyond dramatists writing in English, cover both genders, and range historically from the ancient to the most contemporary. 
Encyclopedia of Asian Theatre
REF PN2860 .E53 2007
This two volume reference work is a comprehensive guide to both traditional and contemporary Asian theater and will be of value to students of the performing arts, as well as those studying the history, literature, and culture of Eastern civilization.
Encyclopedia of Latin American Theater
REF PQ7082 .D7E63 2003
Encyclopedia of Stage Lighting
REF PN2091 .E4B66 2003
Contains information about theater etiquette, current and antiquated theatrical lighting instruments, and current lighting practices. Has some 300 line drawings and diagrams to illustrate basic concepts and addresses standard lighting procedures and practices, briefly outlining the historical development of theatrical lighting, and providing strategies for dealing with theater directors and other theatrical personalities.
Historical Dictionary of German Theater
REF PN2657 .G73 2006
Historical Dictionary of Japanese Traditional Theatre
REF PN2921 .L45 2006
Historical Dictionary of Postmodernist Literature and Theater
REF PN771 .M36 2007
Historical Dictionary of Russian Theater
REF PN2721 .S46 2007
International Dictionary of Theatre
REF PN2035 .I49 1992
Three volume set. Volume one has information about plays, volume two about playwrights and volume three about actors, directors and designers.
An International Dictionary of Theatre Language
REF PN2035 .I5 1985
Coverage of theatre language from most of the world.
Mcgraw Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama: An International Reference Work in 5 Volumes
REF PN1625 .M3 1984
Focuses on the achievements of playwrights who have influenced the evolution of world drama.
Details theatrical figures, plays, theatre and production companies ...
Plays, biographical, production, and theatrical information.
Covers theatrical history in Canada from the cultures of the natives peoples to the present.
The Oxford Companion to the Theatre
REF PN2035.O9 1983
Includes theatre terms, biographical sketches of theatre personalities, articles on theatre companies and buildings and historical sketches of theatre in individual countries and cities.
Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance
REF PN2035 .O94 2003
This two volume set with around 4,300 entries includes several unique features: an invaluable thematic table of contents; a brief international time line; a selective index of dramatic titles; and a selective bibliography. 
Routledge Guide to Broadway
REF PN2277 .N5B43 2007
An A to Z guide to Broadway theatre, focusing on key performers, writers, directors, plays, and musicals.
Show Time: A Chronology of Broadway and the Theatre from Its Beginnings to the Present
REF PN2277 .N5B69 1997
Theatre Backstage from A to Z
REF PN2091 .M3L68 1998
Brings together terms and treatments important to the understanding of lighting, sound, scene design, set construction, and properties in the United States.
The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre
REF PN1584 .W67
Six volume set is an encyclopedia of nations (47) and their theatres. From 1945 onward, each country's theatrical history is explored by a theatre specialist active in the country itself. V.4 (The Arab world) and v.5. (Asia/Oceania) available online.