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Government Information: Foreign and International

Other Countries

Agora in Athens

Photo: via Flickr (CC license)

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Country Reports and Information



  • Use yearbooks for country profiles.
    Europa world year book - JN1.E85 (Stauffer Library - Reference)
    Statesman's year-book - JA51.S7 (Stauffer Library - Reference)
  • Search Omni (Library Catalogue) to find books about a country.
    Examples (using Keyword search):
    "costa rica" and ecology
    japan and ("country study" or "area handbook")



Find more statistics sources

  • Index to International Statistics (IIS)
    US7 CIS I53 (Documents Reference)
    Look up your topic or country in the Index volume. Using the item number, go to the Abstract volume to find the title. Then look up the title in Omni.


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