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How to Find US House & Senate Documents in CIS


Find the 1991 Congressional Hearings on the publication "1986 Memorandum on the Export of Softwood Lumber Products from Canada" in the Congressional Information Service (CIS) microfiche.

Step 1 - CIS Index volume

call number - US7 CIS C58 (Documents Reference Collection)

  • use the CIS number (Hxxx) to find an abstract in the accompanying Abstract volume.
  • use the CIS number (Hxxx) to find the microfiche, which contains the full text of the document.
    Note: it is useful to look ahead a year (e.g. 1992) as well in case the document did not make it into the CIS set in the actual year of publication.

Step 2 - Cumulative Index to the "Monthly Catalogue of United States Government Publications"

call number - US1 GP M51 (Documents Reference Collection)

  • using the Keyword index, look up softwood lumber
  • take note of accession number associated with the publications (e.g. 91-21074
  • in the catalogue, look up the accession number (e.g. 91-21074)
  • take note of the SuDoc (Superintendent of Documents) Number (e.g. Ym:Sm1: 102-3)
  • using the CIS Index to the SuDoc Numbers (at the back of the index) to find the associated CIS number (e.g. H721-30)

Step 3 - Microfiche

in the CIS Microfiche cabinets, find the drawer for the year (1991) and then find the fiche number (H721-30).

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