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Selected United Kingdom Royal Commissions

Year Topic Call Number
1832 Administration & Practical Operation of the Poor Laws UK1 Z1 T2.P01
1850 Oxford University Commission UK1 Z1 V0.O01
1861 Revenues & Management of Certain Colleges & Schools UK1 Z1 W1.C01
1876 Condition of the Blind the Deaf & Dumb UK1 Z1 X6.B23
1885 Depression of Trade & Industry UK1 Z1 Y5.T01
1886 Elementary Education Acts UK1 Z1 Y6.E01
1889 Mining Royalties UK1 Z1 Y9.M01
1891 Labour  UK1 Z1 Z1.L01
1893 Agriculture UK1 Z1 Z3.A01
1893 Trade Disputes and Trade Combinations UK1 Z1 Z3.T01
1896 Liquor Licensing Laws UK1 Z1 Z6.L01
1898 Methods of Treating and Disposing of Sewage UK1 Z1 Z8.S04
1901 Coal Supplies UK1 Z1 01C01
1901 Tuberculosis UK1 Z1 01T01
1902 War in South Africa UK1 Z1 02W01
1903 Supply of Food & Raw Material in Time of War UK1 Z1 03S01
1904 Care and Control of Feeble Minded UK1 Z1 04F01
1905 Motor Cars UK1 Z1 05M01
1905 Poor Laws and Relief of Distress UK1 Z1 05P01
1906 Church of England UK1 Z1 06C01
1906 Coast Erosion & Afforestation UK1 Z1 06C03
1906 Ecclesiastical Discipline UK1 Z1 06E21
1906 Congestion in Ireland UK1 Z1 06I21
1906 Mines UK1 Z1 06M21
1906 Shipping Rings UK1 Z1 06S01
1907 Decentralization in India UK1 Z1 07D01
1908 Canals & Waterways UK1 Z1 08C01
1908 Systems of Election UK1 Z1 08E01
1909 Divorce and Matrimonial UK1 Z1 09D01
1909 Mauritius UK1 Z1 09M01
1909 Trade Relations between Canada and the West Indies UK1 Z1 09T01
1910 Selection of Justices of the Peace UK1 Z1 10J01
1910 Metalliferrous Mines and Quarries UK1 Z1 10Q02
1910 University Education in London UK1 Z1 10U01
1911 Finances Economic Position & Judicial Procedure of Malta UK1 Z1 11M01
1911 Railway Conciliation Scheme of 1907 UK1 Z1 11R21
1912 Civil Service UK1 Z1 12C01
1912 Dominions Royal Commission UK1 Z1 12D04
1912 Housing of Industrial Population of Scotland Rural & Urban UK1 Z1 12H01
1912 Public Services in India UK1 Z1 12P01
1913 Dublin Disturbances UK1 Z1 13D21
1913 Indian Finance and Currency UK1 Z1 13I01
1914 Landing of Arms at Howth July 26 1914 UK1 Z1 14H01
1916 Operations of War in Mesopotamia UK1 Z1 16M01
1916 Rebellion in Ireland UK1 Z1 16R21
1916 Venereal Diseases UK1 Z1 16V21
1916 Wheat Suppliers UK1 Z1 16W01
1918 East India - Sedition UK1 Z1 18R01
1919 Agriculture UK1 Z1 19A21
1919 Income Tax UK1 Z1 19C01
1921 Importation of Store Cattle UK1 Z1 21S21
1922 Oxford & Cambridge Universities UK1 Z1 22O01
1923 Health Insurance UK1 Z1 23N21
1923 Superior Civil Services - India UK1 Z1 23S01
1924 East Africa UK1 Z1 24E01
1924 Food Prices UK1 Z1 24F01
1924 Lunacy & Mental Disorder UK1 Z1 24L21
1924 National Health Insurance UK1 Z1 24N22
1925 Coal Industry UK1 Z1 25C01
1925 Local Government UK1 Z1 25L01
1926 Cross-River Traffic in London UK1 Z1 26C01
1926 Indian Currency & Finance UK1 Z1 26I22
1927 Closer Union of the Dependencies in Eastern & Central Africa UK1 Z1 27U01
1928 Agriculture in India UK1 Z1 28A01
1928 National Museums & Galleries UK1 Z1 28M01
1928 Police Powers & Procedure UK1 Z1 28P01
1929 Civil Service UK1 Z1 29C21
1929 Labour in India UK1 Z1 29I01
1929 Licensing (England & Wales) UK1 Z1 29L01
1929 Indian Statutory Commissions UK1 Z1 29S01
1930 Unemployment Insurance UK1 Z1 30U01
1931 Constitution of Malta UK1 Z1 31M21
1932 Lotteries & Betting UK1 Z1 32L01
1933 Newfoundland UK1 Z1 33N01
1935 Private Manufacture of and Traders in Arms UK1 Z1 35P21
1935 Safety in Coal Mines UK1 Z1 35S01
1936 Palestine UK1 Z1 36P01
1937 Distribution of the Industrial Population UK1 Z1 37I01
1938 Workmen's Compensation UK1 Z1 38W01
1938 West India - Agriculture Fisheries forestry and Veterinary Matters UK1 Z1 38W02
1938 West India UK1 Z1 38W03
1943 Ancient Monuments in Wales & Monmouthsire UK1 Z1 43M01
1944 Equal Pay UK1 Z1 44E01
1944 Population UK1 Z1 44P01
1946 Justices of the Peace UK1 Z1 46J01
1947 Press Report UK1 Z1 47P01
1949 Betting Lotteries and Gaming UK1 Z1 49B01
1949 Capital Punishment UK1 Z1 49C01
1951 Marriages & Divorces UK1 Z1 51M01
1951 Taxation of Profits and Income UK1 Z1 51T01
1952 Scottish Affairs UK1 Z1 52S01
1953 Civil Service UK1 Z1 53C01
1953 East Africa UK1 Z1 53E01
1954 Law Relating to Mental Illness & Mental Deficiency UK1 Z1 54M01
1955 Common Land UK1 Z1 55C01
1957 Doctors' & Dentists Remuneration UK1 Z1 57D01
1957 Local Government in Greater London UK1 Z1 57L01
1960 Exhibition of 1851 UK1 Z1 60E01
1960 Police UK1 Z1 60P01
1961 Press UK1 Z1 61P01
1964 Penal System in England & Wales UK1 Z1 64A21
1965 Medical Education UK1 Z1 65M01
1965 Trade Unions & Employers' Association UK1 Z1 65T01
1966 Assizes & Quarter Sessions UK1 Z1 66A21
1966 Local Government in Scotland UK1 Z1 66C01
1966 Local Government in England UK1 Z1 66L101
1966 Tribunals of Inquiry UK1 Z1 66T01
1968 Third London Airport UK1 Z1 68T21
1969 Constitution UK1 Z1 69C511
1970 Environmental Pollution UK1 Z1 70E01
1973 Civil Liability and Compensation for Personal Injury UK1 Z1 73C01
1974 Distribution of Income and Wealth UK1 Z1 74D01
1974 Press (1974) UK1 Z1 74P01
1974 Standards of Conduct in Public Life UK1 Z1 74S01
1975 Historical Monuments UK1 Z1 75C19
1976 Gambling UK1 Z1 76G01
1976 Legal Services UK1 Z1 76L01
1976 National Health Service UK1 Z1 76N01
1976 Legal Services in Scotland UK1 Z1 76S01
1977 Press UK1 Z1 77P02
1978 Criminal Procedure UK1 Z1 78C01
1987 Royal Fine Art Commission UK1 Z1 87A16
1991 Criminal Justice UK1 Z1 91C120

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