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Music Theatre

Music Theatre

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Useful call numbers for browsing topics in music theatre:

   M1500-M1508 (Musicals/operas, vocal scores, excerpts)
   ML102.M88 (encyclopedias)
   ML128.M78 (bibliographies)
   ML48-50 (librettos)
   ML410 (Composer - life and works)
   ML420 (Performer - biography)
   ML1700 (Opera)
   ML1711 (History of American music theatre)
   ML1731.5 (General and History - Great Britain)
   ML2054 (Musicals--History and Criticism)
   MT95 (Plots) 
   MT955 (Production)
   MT956 (Auditioning, Acting, singing in musical theatre)
   PN1995.9 M86 (Film musicals)

Composers and Lyricists

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        music AND theat* AND ancient AND (greece OR greek)
        camelot AND (disc OR sound OR video*) (for musical on sound or videorecordings)
Use quotes around a phrase or concept
         ("musical theat*" OR "music theat*") AND race 
Examples of subject headings.
Blacks in opera
Musicals -- 21st century -- History and criticism
Musical films -- France -- History and criticism
Musical theater -- History
Opera -- South Africa -- 20th century
Race in musical theater
Race in opera
Sondheim, Stephen -- Criticism and interpretation

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