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Music Theatre

Music Theatre

Sound recordings

Request a mobile music cart at the Stauffer Reserve Desk and book a Music Listening Room when using audiovisual materials. There are two music carts, each containing a Philips DVD/VCR, Sony turntable, Dell laptop, Behringer mini amp and 4 sets of headphones.

Compact discs on the 2nd floor circulate for one week.

DVDs on the ground floor in the Multimedia Collection circulate for 3 days.

LP recordings (33 1/3 rpm) in Music-Storage can be requested at the Circulation Desk for 3-hour in-library use only. Album covers and booklet inserts are a valuable source of historical, analytical and performer information.

Search sound recordings in Omni using Boolean operators (AND|OR|NOT) to combine any elements (composer, title, genre, opus or thematic catalogue number, instrumentation, etc.) and add the bracketed terms (disc OR sound) or the quoted phrase "compact disc" to your search terms to retrieve only recordings:  

  • "nozze di figaro" AND (disc OR sound OR compact)
  • "miss saigon" AND "compact disc"

(NOTE: Use * to truncate a word to retrieve different possible word endings, such as singular or plural. Use quotation marks around two or more words to search them as a phrase.)

The shelf numbers reflect the date of accession to the collection. e.g. SRCD04-1156 means the 1156th Sound Recording Compact Disc acquired in 2004.  Ask for LP numbers (e.g. SR11-047 ) in Music-Storage to be retrieved at the Circulation Desk.