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Research Data Management @ Queen's

Deposit your Data into a Repository

Data are deposited in a repository towards the end of it the research lifecycle when it is ready for sharing and publication. Queen's University Library can guide researchers in selecting an appropriate repository to suit their needs.

Data Repositories: Overview

Queen's University Library Supported Repositories

  • Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) is a national multi-disciplinary repository offering ingest, curation, preservation, discovery and sharing of datasets (including those larger than 3GB).

Domain Repositories

Domain (or disciplinary) repositories are developed and managed by research communities, often with features to support the needs of specific data types.

  • is a directory of external, domain-based repositories to help researchers find a repository that meet their discipline-specific needs.


For a list of best practices and resources, visit the Preserve section of the Best Practices and Queen's Resources.