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Research Data Management @ Queen's

Create a Data Management Plan

Writing a data management plan, or DMP, is increasingly seen as a key part of the academic research process and might be required as a part of your funder's policies. Queen's University Library can guide you in locating and using appropriate tools and resources for preparing a data management plan.

See Tri-Agency grants requiring DMPs for a list of funding opportunities requiring DMPs. 

Data Management Planning: Overview

Data management planning includes:

  • Understanding the nature of your data and the impacts of changes to your data and workflow over the course of your research project.
  • Defining a desirable end state for your research data.
  • Identifying local resources that can help guide you.
  • Making yourself aware of relevant policies, research obligations, and laws that may impact your goals.

Why create a data management plan?

  • Preparatory work may identify unique contributions or possible data duplication relating to your research project. 
  • DMPs establish procedures for data management which help project team members contribute to the research process and can be particularly helpful when project team members join or leave.
  • Implementing a DMP should improve the ability of your research collaborators to find, understand, and use the data.
  • Adhering to your plan should ensure that, at the end of the project, your data is findable and accessible to others.
  • Data underlying publications are maintained, allowing for the validation of results.

The Library Recommends: DMP Assistant

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada, in collaboration with the University of Alberta, has developed the DMP Assistant. It is a free, online tool designed to help Canadian academic researchers develop and implement research data management plans.

The DMP Assistant allows researchers to:

  • Create data management plans, using templates associated with an institution, a discipline, or a methodology.
  • Access guidance based upon the template scenario selected.
  • Collaborate with multiple researchers on a DMP.
  • Connect to local guidance and support for research data management at their academic institution.


For more information, visit Best Practices and Queen's Resources.