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Legal Citation Management With Zotero

This guide describes how to use Zotero to import, manage, and create citations for Canadian legal information.

Exporting References from LegalTrac

Some databases, such as LegalTrac may not be compatible with the Zotero Connector (address bar icon). An alternative way to get citations into your Zotero library is to export them from a database in .RIS format. An .RIS file is a bibliographic citation file saved in a format that is compatible with citation management systems. To export a citation from LegalTrac in .RIS format, first open an item record > then click the 'Cite' button, as shown below:

Screen shot of LegalTrac record with Cite button highlighted.

Click 'Download RIS' > then open the .RIS file. The .RIS file should automatically open in your Zotero Library.

Screen shot of LegalTrac record with Download RIS button highlighted.