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Legal Citation Management With Zotero

This guide describes how to use Zotero to import, manage, and create citations for Canadian legal information.

Using Zotero with WestlawNext Canada and Lexis Plus

The Zotero Connector (address bar icon) only recognizes webpages and not specific types of documents within WestlawNext Canada and Lexis+. This means that you will need to edit any records you download to your Zotero Library from WestlawNext or Lexis+.

For example, let's say you wanted to add a reference for R v Chaulk from WestlawNext Canada to your Zotero Library. The image below demonstrates how the Zotero Connector grabs a snapshot of the WestlawNext webpage, but it does not recognize that the webpage contains a case nor does it pick up the citation information for the case.

Screen shot of WestlawNext Canada with Zotero connector highlighted.  

The image below shows the Zotero record that was generated by the Zotero Connector. Notice that it is a record for a webpage, not a case.

Screen shot of Zotero record with Item Type highlighted.

This record needs to be manually edited by first changing the Item Type to 'Case', as shown below:

Screen shot of Zotero Library, changing item type to 'case'.

Next, fill in the required fields with the correct citation information:

Screen shot of item record in Zotero Library.