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Omni Search Tips

Search strategies and new tool features

Basic Search Principles

Omni can search three different domains: The three search layers within Omni are: Queen's, partner libraries, and beyond

  1. Queen's (physical and online resources)
  2. Queen's + Omni Libraries (default): adds physical holdings of the 18 partner university libraries
  3. Add results beyond: vast academic e-resources provided through the vendor's database. Includes journals, articles, ebooks, reviews, legal documents, technical reports, conference proceedings, and research data sets.‚Äč

Basic Search Tips

Apply Boolean operators to focus results:

  • AND is assumed between words (AND must be in capitalse.g. happiness (AND) productivity 
  • Quotations for phases e.g. "genetically modified foods"; "inclusive classroom"
  • OR between related words (OR must be in capitals) e.g. habitat OR ecosystem
  • NOT to exclude terms (NOT must be in capitals) e.g. corona NOT virus
  • Asterisk for alternate word endings e.g. cultur* for culture, cultural, and culturally
  • Question mark for single character wildcard e.g. wom?n for woman, women
  • Brackets to group terms e.g. "climate change" (ecosystem* OR habitat*) Ontario
  • Automatic search expansion includes additional terms e.g. ADHD returns "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder"; heart attack returns "myocardial infarction"

A search for "heart attack" includes "myocardial infarction".