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Omni Search Tips

Search strategies and new tool features

Relevance Ranking

Results are ranked using Intelligent Ranking Technology: word match, value score, and word proximity

  • Frequency of matching search words
  • A value score (query words in author, title, subject, plus date)
  • Proximity of search words to one another
  • Publication Date (most recent)
  • Search type (known item or topic search)
  • Local records are boosted so they appear higher on the results list
  • At least one highly relevant item should appear in the first 10 results

You also have the option to "Personalize" a search, by limiting results to specific disciplines. Once you select a discipline(s), they remain in memory when you next select "Personalize".  This means that each time you choose to personalize results, you need to re-set the broad disciplines that are associated with your result set.