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Omni Search Tips

Search strategies and new tool features

Pin Sources in My Favourites

Sign in to your account to keep track of citations and organize them as you search using Favourites. Citations in this folder remain until you delete them. Follow these steps to track citations of interest.

Pin citations in the Favourites folder

Pin sources of interest as you discover them. Click on the pin in the upper right to "Add this item" to Favourites. 
The image shows a book record in a list of records. Multiple records can be pinned at one time.
Omni record of a book showing the location of the Pin to move it into the Favourites folder.

Organize citations in Favourites

Click on the large pin at the top right to open Favourites and sort and label sources. Illustrates the location of the large pin in the upper corner of the screen that takes you to the Favourites folder.

Click on "Unlabeled items" to add an Illustrates how to select pinned resources in order to label them and where to click to add the labels.
existing label to a source or create a new label. 


Items can have multiple labels. One label option is a course code.





Export citations  

Follow these four steps to group citations in Favourites and export them to a citation tool.

  1. Select all the folders to be exported by clicking to the left of the label.
  2. Select the items for export. Click on individual items or click the box at the top left with the total number of items in the folder.
  3. Click on the three dots for more options.
  4. Choose your preferred citation tool. Refer to Citing and Citation Managers for which citation tool to use.Lists steps to select resources in Favourites, format them in a specific citation style, and export them to a citation manager.