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Omni Search Tips

Search strategies and new tool features

Common Search Questions

  • How to search an exact book or article title? There are two approaches:
  • Use the basic search box and enter the title in quotation marks. e.g. "a brief history of time"
  • Use Advanced Search, select Title as the field, change "contains" to "is exact", and select preferred resource type. Advanced search showing limitation of exact search words in title with book as selected resource type.
  • ​How to search within a single journal? Choose Journal Search in the banner, search journal title, open the record and "search within".
  • How to search for works on a specific author? Choose Browse in the banner and enter the author name, last name first, as a subject.
  • How to find physical items in the library? Perform your search and limit to "Available in Queen's Library" as this indicates it is a physical item. Then select a specific Queen's Library and/or location.
  • How to request an item from another Queen's library or one that is signed out. Open the record and select "Request".
  • How to export to a citation manager? Pin items of interest to move them to "My Favourites". Open Favourites, select those you want to export, click the three dots so the export options appear, and select your citation manager.
  • How to create a permanent link in my course readings? Search the item in Omni, open the record, select Permalink and copy the URL.
  • What types of resources is Omni searching in "Add results beyond Queen's?" These are all e-resources compiled by the Ex Libris company that created the search tool.  Includes books, articles, videos, maps, government documents, music, data sets, and more. You can discover materials that are not available at Queen's but that you can freely request through interlibrary loan.