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Omni Search Tips

Search strategies and new tool features

Find Specific Resource Types by Title

Find a specific book or article title

  • Perform a keyword search with quotations around your title to force an exact phrase search (e.g. "A brief history of time"). If you cannot isolate the title, try using Advanced Search as follows.
  • Click on "Advanced Search", select "Title" as the field, choose "is (exact)", and select the preferred "Resource Type".  

Example of an advanced search requesting an exact title using a known work..

Find a specific journal or newspaper title

Example of the three steps to perform a keyword search within a single journal.

Steps in searching a single journal title: 

  1. Select Journal Search in the top banner and type in exact journal title
  2. Click on the title to open the journal record
  3. Enter keywords in the "Search inside" box

NOTE: For a comprehensive article search, browse databases by subject, and review your discipline-specific Research Guide.