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Finding Books

Use subject headings to search for a particular author or topic Use keywords for more general searches.
e.g. women AND (theatre OR theater OR drama) leads to records that have subject headings such as:
  •   Feminism and theater
  •   Theater--History--18th century
  •   Women in the theater
Examples of subject headings relevant to drama and theatre include:  
  American drama
  Classical drama
  Drama-History and criticism
  Drama technique
  Improvisation (Acting)
  Method acting
  Musicals--Production and direction
  Stage lighting
  Theater--Production and direction
  Theaters--Stage setting and scenery

Using Starting Points

There are many encyclopedias and handbooks that provide overviews of drama topics. To locate some of these try this search:

"oxford reference" (theatre OR theater OR drama) and you will get links to: 

  • Oxford Reference - Performing arts
  • Oxford companion to theatre and performance
  • Oxford companion to American theatre
  • Oxford companion to American musica: Theatre, film, and television
  • Oxford companion to Shakespeare

You can also search for handbooks on theatre. Limit by date and to Queen's collections. A handbook provides an overview of topics in a specific field: handbook (theatre OR theater OR drama). This  leads to:

  • Musical theater: A handbook of practical exercises
  • The Palgrave handbook of theatre and race
  • Routledge Handbook of Asian Theatre
  • Routledge Companion to Audiences and the Performing Arts




New Books/E-books