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Finding Plays

Plays are published in many forms. They can be published separately, part of a set of the author's "Works", in an anthology, or collection with works by other authors,  
To find individual plays, search Omni by either author (playwright's name) or title (title of the play).
To locate plays in collections, use a keyword search to find a specific play or try searching Omni under the author's name for Works or Plays.
"view from the bridge" AND miller

Finding Books

Search Omni to find books, journals, videos and other materials owned by the Library.  You can search by keywords, author, title or subject headings.
To find a specific known item, search by title or author.  To find books on a topic, either try a subject or keyword search.

Subject Headings vs Keyword Searching

Subject headings allow you to search the library catalogue for resources on a particular author or topic and are often more productive than keyword searches. 
Keyword searches work best if you have multiple concepts or topics. Think of the words that best describe your topic and then connect them with the boolean operators AND OR NOT. Use the results to find relevant titles and identify assigned subject headings for your topic in order to find similar books.  

Genres and Topics

To find books on genres and topics, use a keyword search, if you are unsure of the correct subject heading.
women AND (theatre OR theater OR drama)
Select useful titles and look at the subjects assigned:   
  Feminism and theater
  Theater--History--18th century
  Women in the theater
 Examples of subject headings relevant to drama and theatre include:  
  American drama
  Classical drama
  Drama-History and criticism
  Drama technique
  Improvisation (Acting)
  Method acting
  Musicals--Production and direction
  Stage lighting
  Theater--Production and direction
  Theaters--Stage setting and scenery
Most genres can be searched using subject headings, such as: 
  Greek drama tragedy

Browsing the Library Shelves

Browsing the library shelves is another strategy for locating information on a topic.
Literature, including Drama, is classified by its original language and country.
Some useful call numbers for theatre:
Costume GT 500-2370
Monologue PN 1530
Performing Arts PN 1560-1590
Drama History in General;
   composition of Plays PN 1600-
Dramatic Representation: Acting, Stagecraft, etc. PN2000-3307
Collections of General Dramatic Literature PN 6110.5-6120
Romanance literatures PQ
English literature PR
American and Canadian Literature PS
Clothing and Dress TX 340  

New Books/E-books