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Primary Junior Indigenous Education

Resources for K-6 teachers.

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO)

Browse the ETFO web site and the ETFO print resources that are on your table.

NOTE:  Your Queen's Education Library purchases ALL resources published by ETFO.

ETFO Online

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We especially love the children's literature connections made by ETFO authors in lessons written for the Ontario curriculum (see Social Justice Begins With MePrimary ETFO Artsand more).

Voice (ETFO's open access magazine)


Open access online.

Free print copies are available to you this year.



Task Reminder

1. Do a demo of how to get to and how to use your site or resource.

2. What makes the resource(s) worth knowing about either for your classroom or your professional learning?

3. Showcase 2-3 items you identified that illustrate the content your source provides for teachers.

Select 1-2 people who will lead your Table's "report back"for the whole class in 10 minutes.  

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